1000 LPH EDI Industrial Water Filter

An Electronic Deionization (EDI) filter is a technology used to remove ions from water by employing ion-exchange resins and an electrical process. Its functions include: Deionization: EDI filters effectively remove ions (charged particles) from water, producing high-purity water for various applications like industrial processes, pharmaceutical production, and electronics manufacturing. Continuous Operation: Unlike traditional ion exchange, EDI operates continuously without the need for periodic resin replacement or regeneration, reducing downtime. Chemical-Free Regeneration: EDI eliminates the need for chemicals in the regeneration process, making it more environmentally friendly and cost-effective. Efficiency: EDI systems are efficient in terms of water usage, energy consumption, and overall operational costs. Consistent Water Quality: EDI filters provide a consistent output of high-purity water, which is crucial for processes requiring reliable water quality.
Reduced Waste: The continuous operation and chemical-free regeneration result in reduced waste generation compared to conventional ion-exchange systems.
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Capacity : 1000LPH

Origin: China